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NSW SESVA Update - Vaccinations

by NSW SESVA | October 13, 2021
NSW SESVA Update - Vaccinations

Dear VA Member

Vaccination status - regardless of where you may sit on the issue - is a divisive topic.

The hardest part is that there is no compromise. It is one of the few aspects where it is a black and white topic, there is no middle ground. You have either been vaccinated once, twice or not at all.

As your Volunteers Association, it is also not our place to tell you what we think and instead we need you to tell us your thoughts.

You have already been asked by the Department to provide your responses with regards to your thoughts on your own and other members’ vaccination status. The Association will be meeting with the NSW SES on Friday to discuss the results and any proposed changes that will impact volunteers.

We will communicate with members following this meeting, and in the interim we encourage you to reach out should you have any concerns or questions or if you find you are in need of support.

You can contact either Shannon shannon.crofton@nswsesva.org.au
or Erin erin.pogmore@nswsesva.org.au  

NSW SES Volunteers Association 

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2022 Calendar submissions

by NSW SESVA | October 5, 2021
2022 Calendar submissions

The VA is seeking submissions for our 2022 Calendar - if you have a great image of your unit &/or fellow volunteers that we could feature, please send it through to office@nswsesva.org.au by the 30th of October 2021

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Spring Sale

by NSW SESVA | September 22, 2021

Are you ok? Day. 9th September 2021

by NSW SESVA | September 9, 2021
Are you ok? Day. 9th September 2021
Do you know how the people in your world are really going?
Life's ups and downs happen to all of us. So chances are someone you know might be struggling. Your genuine support can make a difference whatever they are facing, big or small. In challenging times it's more important than ever for us all to say connected and, for those who are able, be willing to support those around us.
So, don’t wait until someone’s visibly distressed or in crisis. Make a moment meaningful and ask them how they’re really going.
Are they really OK? Ask them today.
Your conversation could change a life.

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

by NSW SESVA | September 7, 2021
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Call for Applications - Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Elevating Youth
Deadline is the 15th October 2021
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) participants are nominated by Rotary clubs. Contact your local Rotary club to find out more about RYLA events in your area, how to apply, and any costs of getting involved.
*The NSW SESVA is a long time sponsor of the Rotary Emergency Services Awards

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2022 SESVA Calendar

by NSW SESVA | September 2, 2021