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Are they Triple ok?

by NSW SESVA | September 8, 2022
Are they Triple ok?
Held on 8 September, R U OK Day? is a day dedicated to inspiring and empowering Australians to meaningfully connect with the people around them by asking the one simple question ‘Are you Ok?’. Not only is it a day of action, but it is also a day to recognise the complexities of mental health and the importance of checking in with friends, family, and colleagues alike.

‘Are they Triple OK?’, is a campaign to encourage higher peer & social support for emergency service workers across Australia.
The campaign has a simple message: ‘We’re always there to help. Let’s make sure we help
each other and ask R U OK?'
‘Are they Triple OK?’ provides practical resources to build confidence in starting lifechanging conversations with emergency services workers both at home and in the workplace.