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"Be Careful" When dealing with people seeking donations over the telephone - Muswellbrook Chronicle

by By Rod Thompson | May 26, 2016

MUSWELLBROOK SES local controller Mark Elsley is warning residents to “be careful” when dealing with people seeking donations over the telephone.

While the organisation appreciates any extra funds, which come its way, recent enquiries have sparked a few words of caution.

“The NSW SES does not fundraise in this manner, however the NSW SES VA does fundraise and the generous support of people across NSW who purchase our NSW SES VA raffle tickets is very much appreciated.

“Funds raised from the NSW SES VA raffle go to supporting the volunteers and assist the NSW SES VA in achieving its various objectives. Just make sure the person is an authorised NSW SES VA ticket seller.” 

If anyone has concerns or issues, they can phone 1300 707 344.

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