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East coast low: Four missing in NSW, Tasmania - The Australian

by Jennine Khalik | June 7, 2016

Three people are missing and four have died in east coast storm cells that have wreaked havoc as they moved south from Queensland, to NSW and now Tasmania. Volunteers will continue to sandbag Collaroy homes left teetering on the brink.

The hundreds of sandbags stacked against the rock walls at Collaroy have held up against tonight’s king tide and no further damage has been inflicted on the homes which have lost metres of their gardens to the sea.
Heidi Groom, spokeswoman for NSW SES in Sydney’s north, said volunteers would continue piling up sandbags on Wednesday morning.
However Ms Groom said Pittwater road would be chaotic through the morning, as trucks are expected to move in to tip boulders near sandbagged homes to to prevent potential flooding and erosion of the streets.