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Prepare for Fire Season

by | July 28, 2014

Bushfires are one of the biggest worries for property owners across NSW.


With summer quickly heating up here are some tips for preparing your property and reducing the risk of bushfires:



  • Check the condition of your roof and remove leaves, twigs and debris from gutters and downpipes;
  • Ensure your water pump is fully operational and hoses are able to reach the entire property (If you have a water pump it is better to have a petrol-powered one rather than an electric one);
  • Cut back any overhanging tress, clear dry shrubs and bush, and remove dead wood and cuttings appropriately;
  • Store wood piles away from the house and keep covered;
  • Maintain a low level of grass and ensure garden mulch is well away from the side of the house; and
  • Use non-combustible fencing around the perimeter of the house/property.