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President's Newsletter February 2016

by | July 8, 2016
President's Newsletter February 2016

Presidents Message

Dare I say it and risk jinxing us all? February saw a lot of summer weather, with old- style 'scorchers' that weren't necessarily followed by thunderstorms!

There was, of course, the usual hive of activity around the state with training, other call outs and the like- thankfully just not another major event.

The Volunteers Association has continued to keep busy with planning for the VA Conference that will be held in October, Member Services have continued to assist members with enquiries and concerns and the preparation for this year's scholarships and grants is well and truly underway! Keep your eyes peeled for advertisements that will be coming out soon and start thinking of a project or development opportunity that will help out fellow volunteers and our Service!

Women's Leadership Summit

The Volunteers Association attended the Summit held in Canberra during the month. Attendees were inspired by the great stories shared by inspirational female leaders on how they achieved successes in their personal and professional lives. The Volunteers Association will be providing opportunities for members to attend other conferences and activities throughout the year.

Regular Giving Programs

The Volunteers Association with the support of Contact Centre’s Australia will soon be launching a regular giving program to create an income stream for the Welfare Fund. All gifts made as part of this program are tax deductible with the money raised going directly to support our members when they need it most.

Don't forget to update your details

Our member benefits program has been successfully rolling out over the last couple of months.

We have had some cards returned to the office due to incorrect addresses. Remember you can update your address by logging on to our website at:


President to speak at the 2016 National Volunteering Conference

The President has been invited to present at the 2016 National Volunteers Conference being held in Canberra during April. The theme of the presentation will be the changes we are making to the structure of the Volunteers Association to improve communication and consultation.