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SES puts new harness to the test - The Young Witness

by | September 20, 2013

Young SES volunteers were recently out testing their new and improved roof harness equipment so they have it down pat in time for storm season.

The new equipment, that is more modern compared to their old roof harness, includes a full body harness with padding, rockers (connecting the person to the rope) and senders which are mechanical devices on the end of the main line used for lowering roof crew in case of an accident.

It also has three anchor points as opposed to one on the old harness and is more comfortable for females.

It will allow the volunteers to be lifted vertically, walk freely on a roof and will lock like a seat belt when jolted if they slip.

“OH and S ruling says that no one can go higher than two metres or within two metres of falling without a harness,” Young SES deputy local controller Barrie Miller said.

The new equipment will be used on roof jobs in a storm or anything SES volunteers are within that two metre rule.

The old sit harness used to wrap around the legs and waist which, in the worst case scenario of someone slipping, caused the user to tip upside down and fall out or have circulation in the legs cut off.

“With the new ones, that won’t happen,” Barrie said.

“As an extra safety precaution, they’re tying a knot in the rope if ever there was case of the lock failing,” he said.


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