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SES recruitment drive - Blue Mountains Gazette

by | August 4, 2016

The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Blue Mountains Unit is one of the largest and busiest SES units in the State and they are now looking for new volunteers at Katoomba.

“We are looking for both rescue and operations support volunteers at Katoomba,” said John Hughes, Local Controller for the Blue Mountains Unit.

“Many people see our members out in the field doing the hard physical work but we also need people that would enjoy working with communications and computer systems to help coordinate our teams,” Mr Hughes said.

“The roles in our operations centre suit many people, either young or old, and it is ideal for semi-retired or retired members of our community.”

If any member of the public over 16 years or older would like to join the NSW SES, they are welcome to attend an information night at 7.30pm on August 17 at the SES Headquarters, 3 Valley Road, Katoomba.

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