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Volunteers Association Ambassador

Do you enjoy building relationships and communicating with others? We are seeking members to engage, listen, communicate and share information about the Association and how it can help members. You will also be able to provide the Association with current and emerging information on volunteer’s concerns and opportunities for support. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a group of enthusiastic members working with the Board of Directors and for fellow volunteers. 


Volunteers Association Ambassadors are grassroots volunteers who work locally to spread the word about the Association within the SES. Their knowledge of the Association’s advocacy, support, fundraising activities and grants gives Ambassadors the chance to increase the reach of the Association, thus moving us closer to achieving our mission of supporting our volunteers.

Tasks and Responsibilities

- Provide regular reports to the Board of Directors on current and emerging concerns for volunteers
- Build a relationship with all NSW SES members and the Association
- Educate Association members about what the Association is doing and how it can support them
- Advocate for members locally through existing chain of command
- Work with the magazine editor by sourcing content for publication in our quarterly magazine
- Recruit new members of the NSW SES
- Inform the office of events/ member achievements and completion of grants for publication on communication channels

Skills and Experience

- Communicate effectively in a friendly manner
- Ability to create rapport and be proactive and passionate about the mission of the Volunteers Association
- Demonstrated reliability and professionalism
- Delivery of reports within required time frames
- Ability to work with multiple stakeholders
- Ability to use computers for the purpose of receiving and responding to emails, preparation of ambassador report
- Ability to speak in alignment with the Volunteers Association’s mission and brand 


-You will be part of a state-wide team committed to providing a positive and supportive volunteering experience.

Time Commitment

It is anticipated that the time commitment would be approximately 4hrs per month.

Ambassadors can expect attendance at quarterly update conference calls and preparation of reports for the Board of Directors (meetings currently scheduled every two months).

Note: this is an elected position and will be put to a vote by the membership after applications are received

Additional requirements

- Interview
- Induction session

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