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Batteman Bay and Moruya SES volunteers work around the clock - bay Post Moruya Examiner

by | July 24, 2015

Batemans Bay and Moruya State Emergency Service volunteers were kept busy on Thursday and Friday by the terrifying Moruya road crash and a huge tree coming down at Mossy Point.

Batemans Bay SES unit controller Danny McDermott and seven Moruya volunteers attended the two car crash on the Princes Highway north of Moruya on Thursday which left two people hospitalised.

Candalagan RFS, police and ambulance units were also at the scene.

"I've been with the SES for two years and this was one of the worst crashes I've seen," Mr McDermott said. 

The volunteers were at the crash site for three hours, and at 10pm on Thursday night,  they were called out again to the scene of the accident to assist with lighting as police investigated the accident.

Five Batemans Bay and two Moruya volunteers went, and Mr McDermott said they were there for about four-and-a-half hours.

A large tree came down at Mossy Point at 11am on Friday, and Batemans Bay SES volunteers were able to cut it up and remove it and avoid any damage to property.

"We volunteers understand why we train so hard," Mr McDermott said. 

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