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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the NSW SES and the NSW SES Volunteers Association?
The NSW SES is the combat agency in NSW for floods, storms and tsunamis. Members of this volunteer emergency service are supported by a small network of staff members, but each of the 228 units across the state is run solely by volunteers. There are approximately 8,000 volunteer members within the NSW SES who are easily recognised by their distinctive orange field uniforms. The NSW SES Volunteers Association is an Association for Volunteer members of the NSW SES and provides representation and support services to its members. 

Can anyone join the NSW SES VA?
Membership of the NSW SES Volunteers Association is available to all NSW SES Volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their NSW SES Probationary period. This is not less than three months and based on active participation and completion of the required training. NSW SES volunteers members are not automatically a member of the Volunteers Association when joining the NSW SES. Applicants must complete a Volunteers Association application form which requires subsequent approval by the NSW SES VA Board. To apply online click here or ask your local Ambassador for a form and post it to the office: Unit 1, 2-6 Lindsay Street Rockdale NSW 2216. 

How do I join the NSW SES?
For full membership of the NSW SES you need to be at least 16 years of age. Follow this link to the NSW SES webite for more information

How does the NSW SES Volunteers Association raise funds?
The NSW SES Volunteers Association finished its stand alone raffle on 13 January 2017.  After this time the NSW SES Volunteers Association will receive a grant from the National SES Volunteers Association.  The National SES Volunteers Association conducts a National based raffle to support Volunteers in each Jurisdiction throughout Australia.  Funds Raised by the National SES Volunteers Association in NSW go to supporting NSW SES Volunteers through programs administered by the NSW SES Volunteers Association.  

The National SES Volunteers Association has engaged a professional Contact Centre  who also do similar work for other charities.

The Association also has a magazine called "The Volunteer". Advertising space is marketed via Country Wide Media.

Other funds are also raised via donations and bequests from members of the public and businesses.

How can I buy a raffle ticket to the NSW SES Volunteers Association?
If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket or have any raffle queries and need to update your details / direct debit etc please contact the National SES Association.

The National Association contact details are below 
Contact - Doreen McEnroe
E: doreen.mcencroe@nsesva.org.au
Office Email: office@nsesva.org.au
Website www.nsesva.org.au

For more details click here.

Who conducts the raffle?
The National SES Volunteers Association deliver our raffle on behalf of the NSW SES Volunteers Association. 

I have just received a phone call about buying raffle tickets to the SES. Is It legitimate?
Only the National SES Volunteers Association through their call centre are authorised to contact the public in regards to the sale of raffle ticket

Can I sponsor the NSW SES Volunteers Association?
Sponsorships are welcome. Further details can be discussed by Contacting Us on 1300 073 782

How can I make a donation or bequest to the NSW SES Volunteers Association?
All donations are gratefully received. The NSW SES Volunteers Association is able to help you with making a donation by simply calling 1300 073 782 or though the Donate button on our website. Further details can also be provided by Contacting Us.

I have heard that the NSW SES Volunteers Association provides grants and scholarships and other member benefits. How can I found out more?
Such member benefits are provided to NSW SES Volunteers Association members. If you are a NSW SES Volunteer and wish to become a member please complete and submit the membership application form. Full details are available once you login as a VA member or you can Contact Us.

Who should I contact If I have an issue I want to discuss?
Our office contact details are P: 02 8397 8293   E: office@nswsesva.org.au