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Charity Status

The NSW SES Volunteers Association is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission (ACNC).  Information on their website and includes publication of financial information and the organisations constitution. The NSW SES Volunteers Association holds a charitible fund raising license in NSW and can be found on the Gaming and Liqour NSW website.

The Australian Business Register contains details of our Taxation Concessions

Board of Directors

Kim Davis ESM (President) ESM

Shannon Crofton ESM

Megan Hamblin

Erin Pogmore


The Volunteers Association operates the following Committees:

Welfare Committee

Governance Committee

Compliance and Risk Committee

Grants Committee


Our consititution was changed at the AGM in November 2020 by vote of the Association members.  Parts of our structure were changed based on the NSW SES Transformation Program.  These changes continue to be a work in progress as we fill advocate positions.

At the top level our board of directors has oversight of the organisation.  Each of our directors are elected for three years and brings a degree of expertise to the board and works towards different components of our strategic plan.  

One director also holds the position of vice president and secretary.The board meets every quarter and generally holds a planning activity in the between months- depending on projects running. The annual general meeting is held each year before December.

Members are bound by the Member Regulations as well as the Code of Conduct and the Constitution.

Annual Reports

2015-16_Volunteers_Association_Annual_Report.pdf and Financial Statements

2016-17 Volunteers Association Annual Report and Financial Statements

Corporate Plan

2018-2020 Corporate Plan

Governance Documents


Area Regulations

Associate Members Regulations

Code of Conduct