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The NSW SES Volunteers Association Welfare Fund

Each year the NSW SES Volunteers Association Welfare Fund provides thousands of dollars in Welfare Support to members of the NSW SES. This is made possible through the generous donations of the general public, other volunteers and staff. In the last nine months alone, the Volunteers Association has committed resources to Direct Mail Campaigns, online fundraising efforts and corporate donations as well as amazing support through the NSW SES State Operations Centre (SOC) Drought Support initiatives.

While these increased fundraising efforts have enabled the Association to continue to support members, we are remain aware that fundraising is hard work. There are literally thousands of charities across NSW promoting a worthy cause, and it highlights the incredible value of each of our supporters. It also highlights how many donors it takes to support one volunteer. If we work off an average donation of $25, it means for every $1000 in support we provide, 60 amazing community members have said “I’ll support you”.

Some examples of the support we have provided are:

* Line of Duty Death financial assistance

* Essential medical care

* Transportation to essential medical care

* Funeral expenses

* Specialised medical equipment

* Drought support and relief

* Essential educational support

* Retraining and job ready support

Welfare Fund- Quick Facts

* The Welfare Fund provides emergency financial assistance and is limited to payments of $1500 total, per application.

* The Welfare Fund is unable to make cash payments, and invoices will need to be provided for payment. Payments are made by BPay or bank transfers only

* The intent of the Welfare Fund and Committee is not limited to financial assistance, it includes information and access to external support programs

* The recipient needs to apply for support via the Welfare Application, and ensure all information is provided

* The Volunteers Association can provide advice and guidance on support programs through office@nswsesva.org.au or 1300 073 782

* The Welfare Committee calls a meeting when an application is received, you will be advised by phone and email the status of your application

* Payments from the Welfare Fund are not immediate. Additional information may be sought after even if an application is deemed successful. Payments will not be made until all information is received

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Welfare Fund in place of insurance?

A: No. We are a charitable organisation that raises funds through the community to assist members in times of hardship. Members are encouraged to seek insurance products that meet their personal needs.

Q: Do I have to be an SES volunteer to benefit?

A: Yes. In order to submit an application to the Welfare Fund, you have to be an active member of an SES Unit. At this time, spontaneous, corporate and community action team volunteers are not eligible.

Q: Is the Welfare Fund a legally recognised organisation?

A: Yes. The NSW SES Volunteers Association Welfare Fund is a registered charity, bound by New South Wales laws.

Q:What assistance does the Welfare Fund provide?

A: The Welfare Fund can assist with immediate relief of financial hardship by providing financial support for essential services.

The Welfare Fund will not provide cash payments, and instead make payments on approved expenses on the applicant’s behalf, direct to a supplier. All documentation will need to be provided in order for an application to be considered. Please read the conditions 

Q: When someone ceases their volunteering with the NSW SES, can they still remain a member of the Volunteers Association and have access to the Welfare Fund?

A: No. Once a person ceases volunteering with the NSW SES, their ability to access the fund is terminated.

To apply for assistance please download the Welfare Application From and forward it to:

Email Address:  welfare@nswsesva.org.au

History of the Welfare Fund 

History of the NSW SES VA Welfare Fund can be read Here

Fax: 1300 273 782