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The December Edition has now been distributed to the Units -  If you missed out on a Hard copy, Magazines can also be viewed online (links below)

Submissions are welcome for the March 2020 Edition

Please send content to editor@nswsesva.org.au 

The NSW SES Volunteers Association communicates to its members through a wide variety of communication channels, including "The Volunteer" magazine. It is a publication designed by volunteers for volunteers. The "Volunteer" is published by Country Wide Austral on our behalf. They raise funds to support it's publication with advertising from many businesses across NSW. We distribute hard copies for each issue to all of the Units and these are distributed every quarter - Every edition is also available to view online (see links below) 

The " Volunteer" is focussed very much on the people that make up the NSW SES - The Volunteers.
Articles from members and Volunteers are very welcome and we encourage you to tell us your stories
from a Volunteers perspective.

Have a great picture, story or experience you would like to feature in the Magazine?
All submissions are welcome !

Send content to: 

The Editor
NSW SES Volunteers Association
P: 02 8397 8293 
E: editor@nswsesva.org.au

Past Editions

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Issue 49 - September 2019

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About Our Publishers

Countrywide Austral is appointed by the NSW SES Volunteers Association as the authorised publisher of "The Volunteer". To raise funds to produce the magazine our publishers contact businesses across NSW seeking advertising support.  The Volunteer magazine is produced with advertisements tailored for your local area and several localised versions are produced. For enquiries regarding advertising in this magazine, please contact:

Countrywide Austral 
GPO Box 2466 
Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 03 9937 0200  
Fax: 03 9937 0201  
Email: admin@cwaustral.com.au