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To be a member of the NSW SES VA you need to firstly become an SES Volunteer - click here to join the NSW SES as a Volunteer.

Why Join NSW SES VA?

As an Associate Member of the NSW SES Volunteers Association (NSW SES VA) you have access to a wide range of member services and can have an active role in making the NSW SES and your Unit a stronger organisation.

Benefits include:

How can you become an Associate Member of the NSW SES Volunteers Association?

Complimentary (Free of Charge) Membership of NSW SES VA is available to all NSW SES Volunteers who have completed their NSW SES Probationary period. This is usually around three months and based on active participation and completion of the required training.

Note: You are NOT automatically a member of NSW SES VA when you join the NSW SES. You can join online by completing the application below or download a NSW SES VA application form (also available from your local VA Region representative).

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In completing this online application to become an Associate Member of the NSW SES VA the applicant agrees to be bound by the Constitution, Area Regulations and Associate Member Regulations of the NSW SES VA.