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Emergency crew in need of manpower - Southern Cross

by | July 29, 2014

WHETHER it’s floods, storms or rescues, it’s the team the community looks to provide help during emergencies, but now it needs your help.

Junee’s State Emergency Service (SES) crew is seeking new volunteers to add to its ranks.

Controller Michael Webb said there were a lot of opportunities available to SES members with all training recognised nationally, as well as the chance to travel and make a difference in people’s lives.

Extra members would also mean the unit would be able to accomplish more rather than relying heavily on the current membership.

“If we have an operation which lasts three or four days and you’ve only got eight people it makes it harder,” deputy controller Daniel Wattie said.

“The more members we can get means we can do further training and learn new skills.

“It also gives members who have learned basic skills a chance to revisit the basics.”

Mr Webb said it was not about just saving lives.

“There’s a social aspect,” he said.

He said SES crews conducted joint operations for training but would also link operations during emergencies such as floods in Wagga.

All that’s required is the dedication and interest in the job, Mr Webb said.

However it wasn’t a full-time role.

“If someone has a disability we can work around it, we’re able to find a position to suit somebody,” Mr Wattie said.

The Junee SES meets at 6.30pm in Bolton Street on Wednesdays.

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