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Ensure storm safety this festive season: SES Unit - The Indian Sun

by By Shveata Chandel Singh | July 29, 2014

Members of the Strathfield State Emergency Service Unit (SES) are warning locals about storm safety this festive season.

“With the extreme floods and storms earlier this year, unseasonably warm weather and the storms this winter, as well as wild winds and bushfires towards the year end, we have been quite busy. Several new volunteers have also joined our ranks, which is great to see,” said Darrin Parkin, Strathfield SES Local Controller.

He added that SES will continue assisting the community throughout the holiday season and into 2014, but it was important that locals take on board advice during threatening weather.

“The holidays are the perfect time to make preparations for storms in between buying Christmas presents and making holiday plans. This is especially important if you are deciding to go away over Christmas as you may not be nearby to make any last minute changes before a storm hits,” said Parkin.

“Christmas and New Year is the peak of the storm season, and the weather is expected to be severe, so if anyone is leaving their property this Christmas, they should clean the gutters, trim overhanging branches, and ensure their yard is free from unsecured items and debris,” added Parkin. “For those staying at home, make sure you and any friends or relatives staying with you know what to do if a severe flood or storm hits,” he said, and added that people should  make sure they have a home emergency kit ready with ample supplies for any additional guests.

Expressing gratitude to the people of Strathfield for their support, Parkin said the unit was overwhelmed with support from the local community, including new members who have recently expressed their interest in volunteering. “This year has been a big year for the Strathfield SES Unit,” he said.

“The SES unit will be there to assist people in any emergency,” he added.

For assistance in the floods and storms, please call the SES on 132 500.  For assistance in life-threatening emergencies, please call 000 (triple zero).

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