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Mudgee SES gives 150 hour service to the community - Mudgee Guardian

by | July 29, 2014

The volunteers of the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) have spent more than 260,000 hours helping their communities in times of storms, floods and other emergencies and this is the time of year to recognise this effort.

The NSW SES celebrated Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW Day) this week when the public were encouraged to don the official colour of the service as a way of saying thanks to the 40,000 SES volunteers across the country.  

In the Mudgee Region alone, volunteers spent 150 hours helping people in times of emergency in just this last year.

NSW SES Acting Local Controller Mr Jeff Ballard said, “WOW Day is a great way for the public to show their support of our selfless and committed volunteers who sacrifice their time away from families and work to help their community in times of need”.

Mrs Tamara Robinson, Deputy Acting Local Controller, said it’s also an opportunity for people to consider joining the NSW SES to give back to their community. 

In the past 12 months, NSW SES volunteers contributed 260,294 hours to help the people of NSW.

Not only did they attend to 16,484 storm and flood jobs, but they responded to 604 road crashes, helped the NSW Rural Fire Service on 851 bushfire support tasks and responded to 447 tasks for remote medical assistance through the NSW SES Community First Responder Units.

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