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Not too late to thank SES people for Cowper bush crash work - The Daily Examiner

by By Tim Howard | July 29, 2014

The front page of the Northern Star from 1989 shows just part of the carnage from the

horrific Cowper bus accident.

THE SES volunteers called out to the Cowper bus crash almost 24 years ago are offended at any suggestion they are looking for recognition for what they did.

When they answered the call in the early hours of October 20 they went as representatives of their community determined to help people in need.

But after dealing with the carnage caused when semi-trailer rips apart a passenger bus, it is human nature to expect a gesture of thanks.

It is a gesture most volunteers feel they have not received and it is a gesture The Daily Examiner says must be made.

For the Member for Clarence, Chris Gulaptis, the gesture is long overdue.

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