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NSW SES volunteers work through the night to clear damage - NSW SES

by | July 29, 2014

Yesterday’s wild weather kept NSW SES teams busy as roofs were blown off homes and businesses and trees came down.

The NSW SES has received more than 745 calls for assistance over a widespread area of Sydney and the Central Coast, Hunter and the Mid North Coast, where the severe thunderstorms also produced hail.

Since yesterday, the NSW SES has deployed 155 teams into the field with 476 volunteers working steadily into the night to get through the jobs. There are still around 98 jobs outstanding and theses should be completed by this afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology does not expect thunderstorm activity this afternoon, so that should give time for people to prepare their homes before the next onslaught of the storm season.

Three key things to do to help you weather the storms are:

· Secure items around your yard or balcony that can be blown around and cause damage

·Prune overhanging trees and clear your gutters

· Ensure your roof is in good repair

If you need more information check out our website at:  


For emergency help in a flood or storm call the NSW SES on 132 500.

If your situation is life threatening please dial 000 (triple zero).

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