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Storms cause damage to surrounding villages - Moree Champion

by By Laini Kirkman | July 29, 2014

THUNDERSTORMS and hail surrounded the Moree district at the weekend.

State Emergency Service deputy regional controller, Steve Basham, said the local SES unit was deployed to Ashley, who had been hit hard by the storm.

“They experienced some sudden hail out there so the unit took on six jobs out there. They were mainly tarping up holes and fixing broken windows,” he said.

Moree received a few claps of thunder and 13.6mm of rain but there were no call-outs in Moree for the SES to attend.

Mr Basham said Warialda saw a violent storm on Saturday, with 31 jobs for the Warialda and Bingara SES when it cleared.

“There were trees up-rooted, broken windows, holes in roofs and power lines torn down. Now I don’t know if it was a result of the tornado that hit around Guyra but it was a wild one,” he said.

The twister was a sight to see and something that doesn’t happen in Australia often.

Reports in yesterday’s Northern Daily Leader said an elderly woman’s home was ripped apart after it spun straight through her house.

She was described as “lucky to be alive”.

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